Trevor December 31st, 2020

There is so much more to say than is possible here. I've known Robin for around 25 years but the last five years have been the most impacting. Not because he was any greater a man in the last five years but because I had the opportunity to grow so much closer to him. He was gentle and humble in a way I only wish I could emulate. He never sought the limelight or looked for a platform. He was content to serve in the most trivial but impacting ways. In my most darkest moments I reflected on his example and how he served Christ at all costs. He challenged my prayer life. He challenged my knowledge of God's word. He challenged my awareness of the persecuted church and the plight of the poor. He was a generous steward of all that God had granted him. He was open with his faults and failures. He never pretended he was a saint but an imperfect sinner saved by the grace of God. Proverbs says "that as iron sharpens iron, so shall a man sharpen another man". Robin sharpened me. Not through abrasive challenge but through simply shining God's goodness. In a lifetime we are often only privileged to know one to maybe two people of the character of this man. I am blessed for knowing him and deeply saddened to lose him.