Memories of Robin

Created by Amanda 26 days ago
I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear that Robin had died. I first met him a few years ago when, as so often, he popped into the Orpington Foodbank Centre to see how things were going. He always had a word of encouragement for volunteers. He was full of enthusiasm for the work of the foodbank and worked tirelessly for it.

I got to know him a little better during my time as secretary of Churches Together in Orpington. He was very keen that all the local churches should be kept informed of developments at the foodbank, so it was important that I kept Robin informed of the dates of our meetings. He would do his very best to attend to give a foodbank report in person. There was often another commitment which meant that he might arrive late, but nonetheless he would appear and give a full report of all the latest developments. He always took care to express thanks on behalf of the foodbank for the support of CTO churches.

His deep faith was very evident in all his words and deeds. He was extremely kind and caring. In one of the last emails I received from him he assured me that my sending out of messages for the foodbank had been productive. As well as thanking me, he remembered to ask after my husband's hospital treatment. I think Robin had only met my husband briefly once, so I was very touched that he remembered.

I will recall above all, those times when he popped in to the foodbank. Latterly, it was often with some fresh food that would otherwise have been discarded by a supermarket. He was striving to do all he could for those on need.

Yesterday, I was musing on the sad news and gazing out of the window as it grew dark. Suddenly, the street light outside our house popped on, catching me by surprise and shedding a welcome brightness.
It was a perfect reminder of the light spread by Robin, when he popped up unexpectedly with bright words and actions to cheer us all. That is how I will remember him.

With my condolences, love and prayers for all who mourn his loss,

Vanessa Dixon, Foodbank Volunteer.