A man to remember

Created by Mary one month ago

I met Robin in 1998 when we joined the church he welcomed us our boys being older than most of the youth he quickly realaied they were interestedin sport pleased that Daniel supported Chelsea but Edward and Arsnel was another thing, on a Sunday you would find them discussing match results, who was top of the table etc just a bit of fun but important to a young teenager. At that time he and I shared transporting the young people to an event at a church in Swanley just what they would enjoy we sat and chatted in the kitchen until the all was done. Good memories are when he was an important part of the Christmas choir he was one of a few who knew about singing in harmony and helped the men to sing their line. He wasnt always good at listening to instructions so would regularly come in to soon, when there was a solo verse or continue his conversation! Having said that his beautiful voice will be well remembered by many. Robin cared passionately about people in need whether at home or abroad he encouraged the church to view mission as an important part of a Christians walk, suggesting different ministries to support. Robin saw the need for a foodbank and as chair of the trustes supported Guy and I as project leaders, he would be at the food sorting evenings not always following the rulses of what tin went where. He would be found at the Tescos collections encouraging the public to donate always a wiling hand to do anything required. He supported us when we felt led to go and work in Mozambique responding quickly when we asked the trustees to financially support the children’s home staff he was interested in our work and encouraged the church to remember us in prayer. 
In the summer of 2020 when restrictions were lifeted  we bumped into him in the high street we had no time for coffee but suggested a meal out later that same evening we met them and had a lovely time together. They must have felt the same because a few weeks later when we were in Orpington again they took us out for Sunday lunch at the Bromley Court good food and several hours of chat, little did we know that would be the last time we would spend with Robin. I praise our God that we have the reasurance of eternal life and Robin rests in peace with his maker.