RIP Robin

Created by Amanda 26 days ago

Dear friends and family of Robin,

I was very sorry to hear this news and for your loss. You are in my prayers.

I ‘met’ Robin only once. It was in September this year and he came to Holy Trinity church, Bromley Common, to talk about Bromley Food Bank’s work. Robin’s talk had a big impact on me - I went home and told my husband all about it. We set up a monthly direct debit for Bromley FoodBank as a result.

I believed in the work of Robin and BBF volunteers - Robin’s obvious compassion and determination on behalf of BBF was truly inspiring.

All from one talk - I listened.

Rest in peace Robin - you and others have changed peoples lives through your love, caring and through God’s work. We need more people like you and your BBF friends in this world. God Bless.

Sara Hopper